How Do You Take an Electric Bike Tour in Newport Beach?

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Have you recently purchased an electric bike? Or are you thinking to take an electric bike rental out? Whatever the case, taking an electric bike is a perfect way to find new places to explore. If you are looking to discover the best of the California coastal area, you should consider choosing an electric bike tour in Newport Beach. Read the post and know how to create excellent experiences on your next Newport Beach electric bike tour. Rest assured, you will get to explore beautiful destinations throughout the Newport Beach area. 

Getting to the Balboa Island by Electric Bike 

Don’t want to drive to Balboa Peninsula? You can start your electric bike tour on the mainland of the Pacific Coastal Highway. Keep your eyes open for cars. After that, you should turn right onto Bayside Drive and continue moving for two miles. Then, you should take a left turn to Marine Avenue and use the bike path on the bridge to cross over onto Balboa Island. You can enjoy biking around this area as it is friendly to cyclists and has better quality biking trails like no other. 

Best Places to Ride Your Electric Bike on the Newport Peninsula –

Are you visiting the Newport Peninsula? If yes, you will take advantage of cruising three miles of the beach on your electric bike. The biking area is flat so you won’t feel tired while visiting; instead, you will enjoy the view of the surrounding nature to the fullest. 

Once you are on Balboa Island, you should simply choose a Newport Beach electric bike tour to jump onto the Newport Balboa Bike Path. You will enjoy exploring the Jetty View Park that overlooks the harbor area. Most biking enthusiasts take advantage of riding along Palm Avenue and passing through the festive area of Balboa Peninsula, known as the Fun Zone. 

Understanding Electric Biking Laws for Newport Beach Electric Bike Tour –

Before you are done planning to bike around Newport Beach, you should familiarize yourself with the biking laws. You should bring your electric bike helmet and keep a track of it as you need to wear one. You can be found guilty of a DUI on an electric bike; so avoid drinking alcohol when you stop for your dinner along the way. You don’t require a driver’s license, but you should be 16 years or older to ride an electric bike in Newport Beach

However, you need to follow the same laws for other bikes while riding through the Newport Beach area. Use the bike lanes provided and ride along the same direction as traffic is on your side of the road. You should be cautious about driving along streets like Pacific Coast Highway which has shared lanes which means bikes and cars must share them. You should use caution while riding on the roads as they don’t have any specific bike lanes. 

Once you understand all the electric biking rules and regulations for your Newport Beach exploration, you should start planning your biking excursion as soon as possible. 

Bottom Line –

When choosing an electric bike tour in Newport Beach, you should look no further than Balboa Fun Tours. We have an extensive fleet of electric bikes to choose from for your ultimate biking experience throughout the Newport Beach area. For more information about our electric bike rentals, please contact us at 949-484-4600.