A Few Enticing Orange County Hidden Attractions

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Orange County has gained a lot of popularity among tourists in last few years especially among the adventure seekers. We at Balboa Fun Tours have been offering bike rentals in OC for years now and we have witnessed travellers enjoying rides on bike, exploring various places and things. However, if you wish to explore places that are devoid of crowds of tourists in OC, then we have enlisted a few enticing hidden attractions in Orange County, California, where you can enjoy time peacefully. Let us take a look at the list below:

Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach can be accessed only via stairway and has limited parking options. What makes it more attractive to locals is, it is a bit challenging to reach there. However, the beach is definitely worth the effort it takes to reach there. The pristine clear blue water, soft white sand on the beach and isolated coastline with endless waves crashing against the rocks makes it stand out. The best way to make the visit to Victoria Beach memorable is to stay to witness the sunset. Here you can enjoy kayaking, surfing, swimming, fishing or simply relax in the sunshine.

Pirate Tower

If you reach Victoria Beach successfully, you can discover another hidden gem located down the beach to the right i.e. the mystifying Pirate Tower. Built in the year 1926, the Pirate Tower is a 60 feet long stone tower that offers astonishing photo opportunity. However, the tower is accessible only at low tide.

Noguchi Garden, Costa Mesa

If you are looking for a peaceful retreat in or around Orange County, then Noguchi Garden is the best bet for you. Completed in the year 1982, it is a sculpture garden spread over 1.6 acres created by the Isamu Noguchi, a California-born artist to represent the state of California. The sculptures represent the geographical characteristics of California. Among the various sculptures, the most famous one is a pyramid built over a stream of water. The center piece of the garden is a fascinating sculpture called The Spirit of the Lima Bean, a 9-foot-high structure that contains fifteen massive orange colored granite stones cut to fit cosily together.

The LAB, Costa Mesa

The LAB is an anti-mall built with the purpose to create a unique shopping center that supports small local businesses and artists. LAB stands for Little American Business. It is an indoor-outdoor eccentric hangout that  features cafes, restaurants and retail stores that promote local art, fashion, music and cuisine. You can discover small boutique shops that offer specialties such as handmade jewelry and vintage clothing. Also, there is a throwback record store that sells vinyl records, an art gallery that features local artists and a barbershop. You can also find vegan dining options there.

Aren’t these hidden gems interesting? Wish to know more about such places? Or want to take bike rentals in OC for exploring the nooks and corners of the beach city? Then get in touch with us today!