Best Places to Stand-Up Paddle Board in Orange County

Warm weather, smooth waters, and colorful sunset skies make Orange County the ideal spot to try out the emerging trend of paddleboarding. Though interest in this pastime has been increasing rapidly over the last few years, more and more shops are offering paddle boards in Orange County for rental, making it super easy to get your hands on a paddleboard.

Stand-up paddleboarding / SUP/paddleboarding combines the art of balance with the sheer bliss of gliding atop the water. Our paddle boarding gives you a chance to get a workout on vacation while exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Southern California coastline.

It’s a great hub for paddle boarding. So, get your legs on the calm waters before heading out into the Pacific Ocean to get a new view of the harbor and beaches. If you’re looking for a truly unique paddle boarding experience in Orange County, Newport Fun Tours will offer you the most spectacular scenery with tranquil harbor waters.

If you are an avid health-conscious individual and want an active lifestyle, booking our paddle board in Orange County may just be the ideal adventure for you. Our stand-up paddle board rental includes a paddle and life vest.

Not only it is fun, but a great way to get up close and personal with gorgeous scenery and wildlife that doesn’t take a whole lot of training or skill.

We have a wide range of awesome paddle boards and if you look around, our prices really cannot be beaten! Whether looking to go for a leisurely cruise around the bay for a couple of hours or are here on vacation for a week and would like to have access to a paddle board on a daily basis without paying sky-high prices, we’ve got you covered.

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Paddle Boarding Orange County, CA

The opportunities to jump on a SUP and immerse yourself in sunshine and nature are endless. From first-time paddlers to professional water women and men, California offers something great for paddleboarders of every skill level.

We keep every type of paddler in mind while listing down our favorite paddle board destinations by county, so no matter where you plan to visit, you can paddleboard in the area that suits your needs perfectly.

Attractive Woman on Stand Up Paddle Board, SUP, Tropical Blue Ocean

Newport Back Bay

Newport Beach is full of luxurious yachts and expensive homes, but its inland delta is a hidden estuary available for everyone to enjoy. The ecological reserve makes for a scenic and gentle paddle that is perfect for couples and families.

While the bay is home to some 80 species of fish, it’s the birds that steal the show. The area is a vital resting spot for many migratory birds including endangered species.

Doheny Beach

Doheny beach is great for SUP surfing. This family-friendly stretch of sand offers gentle rolling waves, an incredibly supportive and positive crowd, and dry camping options for recreational vehicles. Surfboarders are permitted all across the beach, but stand-up paddle boards are often restricted by lifeguards during crowded times of the year.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach reminds us why paddleboarding in California is so spectacular. The idyllic shoreline shines with life thanks to its significant ‘no-take’ marine protected areas. Paddlers can expect to see fur seals, dolphins, sea lions, cormorants, and even blue and grey whales (if you are very lucky) passing very close to the shoreline.

If you want to paddleboard the harbor in style, visit newportfuntours.com for an all-new ocean adventure waiting just for you!