Booking a Kayak Rental for Orange County Water Adventure

Do you want to vacation at the beach with your family? And are you looking for a little bit different spin on activities? Orange County offers fun-filled water sports activities that your entire family will enjoy the most. In addition, they are conveniently located either in or close to Newport Beach, so you spend less time driving and have more time with your family. 

One of the best ways to get to know Orange County is to experience it from the water. Taking a kayak in Orange County is a perfect way to experience the water in the best way possible.

Orange County is the home to the most beautiful locations in California, like Laguna Beach, Dana Point, and Balboa Island. In addition, it’s well-known as the birthplace of modern-day stand-up paddle-boarding adventures. From Newport Harbor, Dana Point, Salt Creek, and beyond, it’s a perfect destination to experience what Orange County offers. 

 Kayak Rental orange Country
 Kayak Rental orange Country

What is the Right Time of the Year to Visit There? 

The right time to visit so many places around Orange County is from April to May or from September to October. Spring and fall seasons bring far fewer visitors to Orange County than the summer, and vacationers can still experience an average temperature of 70 degrees or higher during the day. 

You can say that you can never go wrong with a summer trip to Orange County. The temperature reaches 80 degrees in many parts of Orange County, especially along the coastal areas. So it is the perfect time to take a kayak in Orange County to explore the beach, even if it might be more crowded than the off-seasons.

Why Do You Choose to Kayak in Orange County?

When you take a kayak rental, you will love to experience it again and again. Though there are so many watersports activities to enjoy the water significantly, kayaking offers incredible benefits, making it exceptional among other activities. 

Good Form of Exercise –

Are you looking for an outdoor exercise routine? And do you want a high-energy workout with low impact on your tissues and joints? Then, kayaking is the right option as it can increase cardiovascular well-being while strengthening your core, arm, back, shoulder, and chest muscles. 

Beautiful beach and sea with kayak boat – Holiday vacation Newport beach

Enormous Possibilities –

Orange County has a wide array of places where you can enjoy kayaking solo or with your family. Your kayak can travel to some of the best destinations throughout Orange County. Your kayaking possibilities are endless. You can kayak in rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. 

Spend Fun and Exciting Time –

You will enjoy kayaking with a group of friends or getting your entire family together for a relaxing vacation. It can be challenging and relaxing as per your preferences. Whether you want to kayak with family or friends in Orange County, it will be full of fun and excitement. 

Bottom Line –

Do you want to enjoy a kayak adventure in Orange County? If yes, then Balboa Fun Tours will get your kayaking needs covered. We have an extensive fleet of kayak rentals available in Orange County to accommodate solo kayakers to huge groups. For more information about our kayak rental packages, please get in touch with us at 949-484-4600.