Cruising Newport Beach Pier through Bike Rentals in OC

Do you want to cruise around OC? You might be looking for a unique yet fun-filled way to enjoy the best of Orange County. What about cruising in Newport Beach Pier with electric bike rentals in OC? Newport Beach Pier is home to the fine, soft sand with plentiful space to stretch out and enjoy your time with your near and dear ones. 

Whether you love surfing, swimming, or want to sunbathe, you will enjoy basking in the warmth of spectacular Southern Californian winter and summer days here at Newport Beach Pier. Remember that pelicans and seagulls enjoy South California’s Mediterranean climate year-round, especially at the Newport Beach Pier. 

The Dory Fishing Fleet is located near the base of Newport Pier. The Newport Beach Pier is based in Balboa Peninsula, boasting magnificent views to the north towards Huntington Beach. While looking south, you can find another structure, i.e., the Balboa Pier. The five-mile stretch beach gives you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy so many exciting activities. 

Generally, swimmers and sunbathers explore the beach during summer and winter. They enjoy capping off their day in the sun and the fantastic night of casual or fine dining opportunities. Getting skate, board, and bike rentals in OC is very popular, and surfing off the jet remains the prime priority among vacations. However, the vibe you will get at the Balboa Peninsula is youthful and fun. 

The Newport Beach Pier is a perfect destination for skating and biking, but please remember that it has limited parking. Hence, you may need to work a few blocks to get to the sand. However, Newport Beach allows you to explore a lengthy bike trail that extends around most parts of the peninsula. 

Riding along the boardwalk is exciting and is a perfect way to check out some of the most expensive real estate throughout South California. Some of the houses on the boardwalk are available for summer rental purposes. They give you another alternative to experience living life on the beach. 

Getting a Unique Beach Cruising Experience with Bike Rentals in OC

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