Enjoying the Sights through Duffy Bike Rentals in Newport Beach

Looking for a fun-filled way to get around Newport Beach? Why don’t you book Duffy electric bike rentals in Newport Beach! It saves you from the stress of finding a parking space and gives you perfect exercise and is full of fun to cruise along the oceanfront area. However, hiring one of the best Duffy electric boat rentals in Newport Beach to cruise around the Newport Harbor is a safe and amazing way to soak up some sunshine and refreshing air in your private boat.

But what’s exactly a Duffy boat? A Duffy boat is a small electric boat commonly available for rent in Newport Beach. It can accommodate around eight people and goes only five miles per hour which is perfect for taking in all of the harbor spectacles. This electric boat has plastic window enclosures that you can zip up during cold days and unzip on warm summer.

All Duffy boats are well-equipped with CD players and MP3 connections; so you can bring your jams or play them off of your phone. This is a popular activity for both locals and vacationers. So, it’s suggested that you should reserve a Duffy boat rental in advance. You can rent it during your next vacation to Newport Beach. It can be a romantic date, a fun friend get-together, or a whole family affair. You can jump aboard and discover the best of Newport Beach on a Duffy boat.

What are the Sightings to Explore on Newport Harbor?

There are plentiful things to see and do in Newport Harbor from your Duffy boat in the morning, afternoon, and evening. You can start your vacation by admiring the old Balboa Pavilion, built in the 1900s as a social gathering spot for the elite. Next one on the “sights to see” list is the Balboa Fun Zone. This destination offers fun for every age; but if you’ve kids, it’s a must that you get off and check it out.

You will find arcade games, a Ferris wheel, street food, and the Balboa Candy shop. Apart from the historic sightings, keep your eyes open for the mega yachts, sailboats, and mansions surrounding you. If you want to see the natural wonders of life when you move around in your Duffy, you will see marine life species like seals, dolphins, sea lions, fishes, sharks, whales, etc. When the sun starts going down, you will be fortunate to see a spectacular sunset from your own private Duffy boat.

Bottom line –

Do you want to book electric boat rentals in Newport Beach? If yes, then you should look no further than Balboa Fun Tours – a noteworthy beach cruiser boutique on Newport Beach. We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of Duffy electric boat rentals to choose from for a wonderful vacation experience to cherish forever. For more information, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at 949-484-4600.