Following a few tips will make your Segway tour much exciting!

Segway is a fun thing to ride, and it is a great way to see different sights any what the city has to offer! Are you a first time visitor, a captivated returner, or even a local living in Newport Beach? Are you intending to move with a Segway or to have fun on a Newport Beach Segway tour? At Balboa Fun Tours, we offer different Segway tours, including Newport Beach Segway tours that allow you to create a memorable journey that you will always remember. Our Newport Beach Segway tours are a great way to do a sightseeing, and are highly popular these days and highly recommended, especially if you are traveling to Newport Beach. We have skilled and thoroughly trained Segway guides that will not only teach you how to roll like an expert.

It seems to be a new and stylish way compared to the traditional way of doing the sightseeing or a walking tour with our expert guide. You will feel excited instead of getting bored and tired while you are riding the machine, and our guide will explain the attractions and sights the same way you could have done on a normal city tour by ground transfer or walking. The best part is that you are riding on a Segway, and you can stop anywhere you want to take a picture or a selfie. We provide these wonderful battery-powered Segway that is designed to facilitate riding even for those who never tried them. Once you take control of one of our Segway rental, you will enjoy its smooth and environmentally friendly operation. They will get the scene ready for memorable life experiences. You probably rode a Segway earlier or at least know how it rolls. We will share a few tips that are useful for beginners as well as pro Segway rider.


Before you take your first ride or Segway tour at Newport Beach, we advise you to spend a while practicing the things to get brief skills on balancing and controlling the Segways. Our qualified and experienced instructors brief and familiarize you about it at the beginning of the tour. Do not worry; it only takes about ten minutes practice lesson to learn how to ride this machine, ensuring to have a smooth traveling experience ahead.  

Hold the Segway handlebars firmly.

While riding your Segway, you must stay away from things like checking your phone or waving to cute dogs and anything alike. Make sure both hands are firmly holding the handlebar, and also you should firmly stand on the Segway with both legs. It will help you keep your balance and allow you to have better control of the Segway.

Avoid sudden maneuvers when riding.

Segway’s are able to sense your movements and rectify the wrong ones to retain or gain your balance. However, this mechanism may not be able to re-balance you if you perform at unexpected movements. We recommend not turning your Segway too faster and do not stop it quickly.

Build confidence

With a few minutes of the ride, you will gain more confidence in riding the Segway; you may start to adopt some hazardous intentions to show off your skills. It will probably be a sign of overconfidence that we recommend you avoid at all times. We always advise you to avoid speeding the Segway’s even in most convenient opportunities. Be 

Stick to run on solid grounds

Segway’s are not designed to roll in all types of terrains. It is wise if you could stick with the paved surfaces for which they are meant for. It is because a sudden change of the surface will likely be a threat to your safety. Hence you must do this carefully and unhurriedly!

Stop your Segway before getting off.

Don’t let go of a Segway until it is in the balance mode or stops; instead, it will probably continue to travel away from you and could potentially collide with someone or something!

Moving on, aSegway is as safe as riding a bicycle, and in fact, it is even safer nowadays! However, we always guarantee your Newport Beach Segway tour is as joyful as you dream it to be! We will provide you the best tips and expert instructor’s advice.So, your Segway experience in Newport Beach will become one of the most treasured memories of your life.