Kayak SUP Tour Newport

Our Kayak tour has two options, both of which are two hours long. The tour begins on the beach right off of 19th street next to the aptly named 19th street dock. Once on your Kayak you can choose to go left and onto the West Lido Channel, under the Via Lido Bridge and the Newport Blvd. Bridge onto the Balboa coves before running around and going under the 38th street bridge back the same way.

If you choose to go right instead you will Kayak past H Field Moorings where you’ll see all sorts of boats and yachts and around Bay Island, the only island in Newport Beach that does not allow cars. It’s picturesque, calm and beautiful. While going around the island you will Kayak under the Bay Island Bridge and then back to the beach.

Kayak SUP Tour

$ 60 2 hours
  • $60 per person Minimum 4 people
  • $80 per person 3 or less
  • $50 per person 5 or more