5 Tips to Stay Safe on Your Newport Kayak or SUP Tour

Both kayak and stand-up paddle boarding are rapidly growing in popularity around the world and specifically in the Newport area. Newport welcomes so many water sports enthusiasts every year to get on a Newport kayak or SUP tour for the first time. 

Both watersports are accessible and within no time you can go on your first kayak SUP tour in Newport. But it is important to make sure that you are safe during kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. 

Take a look at the post and know how to kayak or get on a stand-up paddleboard safely. 

  1. You should know how to swim very well. 

It sounds logical, but many people jump on a board without knowing how to swim. The main idea behind it is to paddle in shallow water. You should never do it. If you are not skillful enough on a board, you can drift off to the deeper water. If the sea is powerful, it becomes very difficult to paddle back for a first-timer. You should never get on a paddle board without being able to swim. 

  1. Wear a life jacket. 

It is important to wear a good quality life jacket while paddle boarding even if you swim very well. When you wear a life jacket, you always float to the surface. 

  1. Use an ankle cord. 

It’s better to wear a belt or leash which will keep you connected to your paddle board. While falling off your paddle board, the cord or belt will prevent the board from drifting away from you. I

  1. Know the environment. 

You should be familiar with the environment. You need to think about the weather conditions, waves, currents, and other people in the water, boats, and objects. 

When you are fully aware of your surroundings, you can enjoy paddle boarding more safely and quietly. 

  1. Understand the weather conditions. 

You should focus on the condition of the weather. If you are going to paddle board in cold weather, you should wear a wetsuit that can keep you warm or fleece clothing. You should always bring a set of clothing when you get wet in icy cold water. 

If the weather is warm, you should take it into account. Always bring protective clothing, sunglasses, and sufficient sunscreen for the warm weather. 

Bottom Line –

Balboa Fun Tours & Rentals offers Newport kayak SUP tour packages for ultimate water sports experiences. Our tours span two hours long. Your kayak SUP tour will start from the beach right off 19th street next to the aptly named 19th street dock. Once you get on your kayak, you can go left and move to the West Lido Channel under the Via Lido Bridge and Newport Blvd. Bridge onto the Balboa Coves before running around and going under the 38th street bridge back the same way. For more information about our tour packages, please contact us at 949-484-4600.