Single vs. Tandem Kayaks: Which Is Right For You?

tandem kayaks

Whether you enjoy kayaking alone or with others, there are several different styles of boats to choose from. One common question people have about kayaks is whether to opt for a single or tandem Newport Beach kayak rental. Here are some facts, figures, and features to consider when making this decision to ensure your exact kayaking needs are met.

Single Kayaks:

Single kayaks are built to seat only one person. Sit-in, sit-on-top, pedal, paddle and touring kayaks are available in a variety of sizes, depending on what you plan to use your kayak for. The freedom of the water is yours, and yours alone, with a single kayak – you decide what you want to do!


Single kayaks are lighter and more easily transportable, both by car and by hand, than their tandem counterparts. They are faster and easier to maneuver in the water than tandems, making them a good choice for anglers wanting to get into those nooks where the fish are biting.


While the idea of being on your own in a kayak is appealing to some people, others may find it intimidating. It can be easier to learn how to kayak if you have an experienced person nearby in a second kayak who can help you steer and paddle. But if you don’t have anyone nearby, or if you want to enjoy kayaking with your family or friends, then you will need more than one kayak.

Tandem Kayaks:

A tandem kayak is a boat that holds two or three people. Tandems are typically larger and heavier, but come with options for sit-in, sit-on-top, pedal, paddle, different hull designs and sizes. Tandem kayaks are great for a family or fishing trip because they hold more people than solo kayaks.


Tandem kayaks are great for families, couples or groups who want to share an adventure on the water. You get a helpful partner as you paddle and navigate, and there’s enough room in most models for each person to sit comfortably and stretch out.


The biggest disadvantage is not having the freedom you would have in a single kayak. Tandem kayaks are heavy and harder to transport or maneuver. You need to be aware of how your partner is rowing too.

In conclusion, both single and tandem kayaks have advantages and disadvantages. When looking for a kayak rental in Newport Beach, keep in mind your skill level and how you want to use your kayak. Balboa Fun Tours offers a great selection of single and tandem kayaks to explore, so check out the one that fits your style of kayak tours.